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Space perversion; how it happened to Iran

Iran’s space endeavor basically initiated to develop for civil and peaceful purposes decades ago. It has not been basically different from that of any other nation. While the space technology applications are substantially of dual use, it is up to us to make a selection, and either pave the way to, or place limitations and obstacles in each of these uses and orientations. It is more than wise to use such possibilities for the welfare and wellness of humanity – and for its sustainable development – at the national and global level. In the meantime, it should not be ignored that such achievements require a high degree of expertise, abilities and comprehensive knowledge about the subject. Highly specialized and talented human resources must emerge in each country, while the attitudes and visions of leaders of each nation, who also influence and contribute to the pace, progress and developmental objectives of any nation’s space program, should not be disregarded.

Although it is clear that Iran’s civilian space industry has much to say, one should not ignore the fact that the amount of finance allocated to the space industries for national security is much more considerable in comparison to the investment in civilian space industries. It is also clear that much effort is being expended on developing the space transportation systems to provide the country with independent access to outer space, while the main focus of the civilian sector is on developing satellite communications, remote sensing and navigation systems.

To attain the position that it deserves in the global arena and for its own well-being Iran has relied on its human resources as well as the expertise and knowledge that are being achieved continuously in the course of enthusiastic experiments and experiences in heading to space for peace and prosperity. The country has developed its space program to provide the nation with space-related application services. Its advances could potentially provide a considerable motivation for further productive cooperation in space between Iran and the world community. After all, Iran’s space endeavor needs expertise, competence and informed and good management. It requires the contribution of the immense resource of the enthusiastic younger generation along with the experience and expertise achieved over the course of years of efforts and perseverance.

However this is not all the things about it; there is a dark side. There have been administrative, management and vision related hurdles in stepping forward which has influenced the success.  Although writing about and analyzing Iran’s space endeavor in recent decade from the diagnostic point of view does not seem as easy as writing on technical and scientific matters and at the same time could be perilous, as a technocrat who has worked internationally for years and carefully has observed the historic trend of the changes at the agency, I feel myself indebted to write about the realities of it, the things that I have been witnessing in the course of years of work in this field.

20 December 2012

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Will the Universe reach its end at Yalda Night this year?

Today on 2nd December I am contacted by phone in my office by a lady who introduces herself as a citizen living in Karaj. She expresses her worriment about the rumors heard everywhere in recent times that the Universe will reach its end on 21 December at night (Yalda Night as it is famous to in Iran) when the autumn ends and winter starts. She says that her children have learned in their school about this event and that she plans not to allow her children to go to the school in the early days of winter. She asks me if it is true and what she would better to do. I tell her that there is no sign reported by the scientific/national/global authorities about the advent of such the thing and she should not be worried about this and hesitate to transfer such the feeling of worriment to others particularly her children. I tell her that the rumors in this connection existed for years and decades ago and we cannot say explicitly whether it will happen or not and we can only wait to see what will happen on that date. I mention her further that the biggest and visible danger that threatens our planet is that it is at the risk of different disasters and calamities caused by the uncontrolled and mismanaged human industrial activity in the planet Earth. The best thing that the humanity can do is that to select to protect seriously the planet from the harms and damages of the uncontrolled and mismanaged human industrial activities that can enhance planet’s vulnerability before the calamities and disasters. The humanity is responsible before the health and long life of the planet Earth that ensure the long duration of life on it before the Universe reach its end.



Fall-time travel homeland

From 20 to 26 November, accompanied by my family I travel to Tabriz and Maragheh in Azerbaijan. We drive to there by our car and make this trip benefiting the religious holidays of Tasoua and Ashoura. We face lot of rain in route to Tabriz. In Tabriz we stay at my parents’ home and visit my sisters and brother at their house. In Maragheh we stay at the house of my two brothers-in-law. Maragheh, my birthplace is growing increasingly and getting developed to a big city. Living far from my birthplace for about three decades I feel myself a stranger however I cannot forget the good and blissful memories of my childhood and teenage period of my life there. Returning home from Maragheh we have time to make a visit to the Sultanieh Dome (Gonbad Sultanieh) near Zanjan while it is raining intensely. The dome is reportedly constructed seven centuries ago when Sultan Muhammad Khuda-Bandeh from Uljaitou Dynasty was ruling Iran.

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Educational Catastrophe



Myth-land experiences a great catastrophe in the education of people whether in elementary level or higher education and academic level since a couple of decades, the situation that affects basically the society and its citizens in the land that is ruled by its greatest hostile. This is the greatest hit to the corps of the Myth-land by the empire of dissimulation that rules it. Young and the new generation is the shelter-less sacrifices of this calamity. My sons are both the young people who suffer from this malicious fate particularly since the time when they have finished high school studies and started/are starting higher education. In the mean time I do not see any considerable and favorable educational success inland among the new young generation in the Myth-land since a couple of decades ago. The quality of education [almost in all the fields] is considerably fallen down because of the promotion of a specific type of vision imposed by the government and masters of the empire of dissimulation. Consequently competent and eligible scholars and teachers are expelled or put in margins through the variety of ways, and on the other hand the poor quality self styled and inexperienced instructors is absorbed and employed leading to a catastrophic fall of the education in the Myth-land.


Presenting at home on the research achievements

On Tuesday 9 October in the framework of the programs for the World Space Week 2012, I attend the Seminar on Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems and Applications held in the new building of the space agency near Sharif Technical University of Tehran. I am the first speaker with the presentation entitled, “Activities on Space-borne SAR Interferometry Technique Applications; contribution made by the Microwave Remote Sensing Research Core.” It is well received and is very new in theme. However the idea is not yet tangible for the considerable number of the audience I feel.


Honeymoon in Napoli

My last travel abroad with my family goes to June 2002 when I traveled to Vienna, Austria accompanying my wife and two son boys. Since then the educational involvements of the sons were not allowing us to travel abroad same as the year 2002. However by the change in the educational status of the sons and concluding their high school studies the new opportunities started to emerge and it became possible for both me and my wife to travel abroad accompanying each other. My travel to Italy accompanying my spouse is the first one of this type that took place late in September and early October. I traveled to Italy mainly to participate in (I) the 22nd United Nations/International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Workshop on “Space Technologies Applied to the Needs of Humanity: Experience from Cases in the Mediterranean Area”, which jointly organized by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN-OOSA) and the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) from 28 to 30 September 2012 in Naples, Italy, and (II) the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), immediately after the workshop from 1 to 5 October, also in Naples, Italy.

Hotel Royal Continental, Napoli

On Wednesday 26 September late at night I accompanying my spouse, left home to the Imam Khomeni International Airport located in south of Tehran. We reached airport after an hour and waited for leaving to Italy. Early in the morning we left the Airport to Italy. We landed in morning in the Roma International Airport and then took the plane to go to Naples. We reached Naples mid-day and went to the Hotel Royal Continental at the Mediterranean seaside. We resided in the room number 209. From our room we were able to see the Mediterranean Sea. It was nice but the moister was high. Late in the evening I accompanying Zohreh walked around the hotel and took photos and video clips. Naples that is called ‘Napoli’ by the Italians is a very beautiful city with about one million population at the cost of Mediterranean Sea. The buildings looked nice with Roman architecture. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the sea in sunset.

Meeting our friends from the Netherlands
[photo credit: H. Smid]

The next day we both joined other participants of the UN/IAF Workshop and left hotel to the venue of the Workshop, Mostra d’Oltremare Convention Centre of Naples. After registration we attended the opening and then morning session of the Workshop. Afternoon our family friends from the Netherlands came to meet us at the venue of the Workshop. After the conclusion of the evening session and attending a reception ceremony at the venue of the Workshop we all were taken to the hotel by bus.

The next day on the third day of our stay in Napoli, again we joined other participants of the UN/IAF Workshop and left hotel to the venue of the Workshop. We attended the morning session. Afternoon our friends Henk and Ria came to meet us at the venue of Workshop. In the afternoon I gave my presentation entitled “Using Space-borne SAR Interferometry Technique for Eastern Mediterranean Sea Shores.” It was good and grabbed the views. Henk and Ria left after my presentation. Later Zohreh and I joined other participants to attend the commercial Hale of Napoli for Gala Dinner. The banquet was very memorable and we benefited the opportunity to meet and talk with the colleagues and participants from different countries. We get back hotel after the party.

I am giving my presentation to the Workshop
[photo credit: Zohreh Tebyani]

Mostra d’Oltremare Convention Centre, Napoli

On the fifth day of stay in Napoli, after breakfast I accompanying Zohreh walked around the hotel for some time. It was nice and we took some photos and video clips. We then returned to hotel. Both Zohreh and I later went to the venue of the Congress in Mostra d’Oltermar. After visiting part of the exhibition I accompanying Zohreh attended the plenary session and then we attended the opening session that was indeed very nice and magnificent. After opening session we met Henk and Ria. We set up to meet them two days later on Wednesday and have dinner with them.

At the Mediterranean Sea shore, Napoli

On the sixth day I went to the Congress venue mid-day. I had some business meetings at the Congress Exhibition booths focusing on the SAR Interferometry technique application for maritime uses. In the evening of the same day I accompanying Zohreh walked around the hotel and made shopping. We later went to visit Castel dell’Ovo at the opposite side of our hotel. It was very nice and interesting. On the seventh day of stay in Napoli I accompanying Zohreh went to the venue of the Congress. We failed to take the bus and as a result went there by Taxi. There we met Henk and Ria. Zohreh and Ria went to visit the city of Naples. I then attended the technical session on space economy. In the afternoon I met Zohreh, Henk and Ria. Late in the evening I accompanying Zohreh went to the hotel. After reaching hotel we prepared ourselves to meet Henk and Ria and join them for dinner. They came on time and we walked to a restaurant near hotel. We had a delicious dinner comprised of sea food and beverage. We talked about lot of the things and then we made farewell to Henk and Ria who were planning to leave Napoli to the Netherlands the next day on Friday.

Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli

On the eighth day, I accompanying Zohreh walked to the local market for shopping. It took lot of time. We then get back to the hotel in the evening and after a short relaxation walked along sea. On the final day of the Congress I went to the venue of the Congress. I get back to the hotel soon. In the evening, I accompanying Zohreh walked to the local market. We later walked towards the hotel and stayed at the seaside and watched Mediterranean Sea.

The next day we left the hotel to the airport in the morning. We were picked up by a driver from IAC. We left Naples Airport to Roma mid-day and reached Roma after an hour. At the Roma Airport we had to wait for few hours to leave to Tehran at night. At night we left Roma to Tehran and reached home early in the morning.

Last day of stay in Napoli, in Plazza del Plebiscito, accompanying other participants of the UN/IAF Workshop and IAC

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Early conclusion for Shahryar’s military service

Shahryar concludes his military service on 17 September after a couple of months. It is because of his acceptance in the entry exam of state universities. He is accepted to study the Industrial Engineering in Karaj. In 2009 Shahryar accepted to study Petrochemical Engineering in the Sahand Technical University of Tabriz. After six semesters he stopped studying with the Sahand Technical University and soon after started his military service on 9 July. In Iran the boys are legally obliged to perform military service for nearly two years. The duration of military service differs based on the education level, marital status, the number of brothers in the family, sanitary status and so on, but it is normally two years currently. Shahryar intended to start his military service at first but his mind changed in course of the training period of his military service and convinced to conclude/postpone it as far as he could. Acceptance in the entry exam of the universities provided him with the opportunity to conclude the military service at its early months. He now appreciates studying in the university for higher degrees.


Higher education for sons

Both Shahryar and Kamyar are accepted in the entry exam of the state universities of Iran according to the announcement posted in the net today on September 12. Shahryar is accepted to study Industrial Engineering at the Alborz Open University and Kamyar is accepted to study Information Technology Engineering with the University of Shiraz. Shahryar intends to continue studying and as a result he should leave his military service after implementing it after couple of months. Kamyar however is reluctant to study this course and he indeed likes to study industrial design. He therefore should participate in the art examination of the entry exam of the state universities. Otherwise he should leave Iran and continue his study abroad. Since long ago we are checking the status for his study abroad. The favorable opportunities is not available for him inland, he believes.


Summering on Caspian

On Friday 7 September in the morning I accompanying Zohreh start our travel to Nowshahr in Caspian Sea shore. Shahryar is missing because of his military service and Kamyar stays at home to wait for Shahryar to join him and come to Nowshahr the next day. The traffic jam in the route of Karaj to Chalus is high and we drive with low speed. We have the news that my parents accompanying my sisters and brother and their families are coming to join us in Villa Sepid (white villa) 12 km east of Nowshahr. In the evening we reach the Villa Sepid near Nowshahr and take the Villa number 2. Entering the villa we have a quarrel with janitor of the Villa Sepid about the number of our guests. The janitor says that we are only allowed to have 9 people as the guest but our guests’ number is indeed 18 people (!) that will exceed to 20 if Shahryar and Kamyar join us tomorrow. I make call to the officer in charge in Tehran about the problem and he convinces the janitor. Zohreh’s nephew, Amir and his family join us at the villa. I wait for the parents and other guest to reach. Both Zohreh and I receive hopeful news that Shahryar will finish his military training period tomorrow. In the evening I have phone conversation with other guests who are coming from Tabriz but I learn that Changiz, my brother’s car is in problem and they will reach with delay. Finally the guests arrive and again quarrel with the janitor about the number of the guests starts. I have no way to phone again to the officer in charge in Tehran and ask him to talk to the janitor. We have harsh discussion with the janitor but finally he agrees to stop making problem for us. After a stressing time we all go to bed late at night while I feel very tired.

The next day we wake up late in the morning and find out how beautiful is the view of the villa’s environment and around. Indeed in the evening and night of the day before I failed to see the nice landscapes because of quarrel with the janitor. The villa lies at the skirt of the green mountain that is actually a dense forest that is covered by grey clouds at the top of mountain and making it a dreamy and romantic place to relax and enjoy nice landscapes. Mid-morning I accompanying Houshang, drive to Nowshahr for shopping. We get back late and prepare the lunch that is so delicious. In the evening all of us drive to the sea side. I as well as other male guests swim at the sea. At nigh we are in villa but Shahryar and Kamyar are missing. We all go to bed late at night. I still feel tired.

On the third day we prepare ourselves to go to the Sisangan Forest near Villa Sepid mid-morning. Before going there I accompanying Zohreh go for shopping at a magazine near villa. We later join other guests in the Sisangan Forest. It is pleasant and we have a delicious lunch there. In the evening we all leave the forest and go to Rooyan for shopping. We later go to sea side and then drive back to villa. At night we have a ceremony for the birthday of Faraz.

On the fourth day Amir and the family leave villa to home sooner than others. It is the last day. My parents, Parvin, Nasrin, Changiz and their families leave later. Only Zohreh and I remain. We also arrange for leaving. Shahryar and Kamyar fail to come to villa and we are regretful for that. Mid-morning I accompanying Zohreh leave villa to home. In the way we have phone conversation with Kamyar and Shahryar and others. Shahryar says that he has finished his training at the garrison. In the afternoon we reach home. Late in the evening I accompanying Zohreh go to pick up Shahryar from the garrison. It takes some time. At night we all are at home. Our summering this time passes without Shahryar and Kamyar and it is a pity for Zohreh and me.

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Calamity in Azerbaijan

Earthquake in Azerbaijan; a local disaster

In the evening of 11 August on Saturday, twin earthquakes with the magnitudes measuring 6.4 and 6.3 in the Richter scale hit northwest of Iran in Azerbaijan, where the cities of varzeghan, Ahar, Heris and Tabriz are located. Thousands of people are injured and hundreds are killed. The tremor caused the rapid collapse and devastation of the simple mud brick homes in the sparsely populated region. Certainly if the earthquake didn’t happen in daytime, fatalities would have been much higher. Azerbaijan sits on the active fault lines and experiences earthquakes frequently. Quakes continued to shake the region following the deadly twin quakes with the epicenter near Varzeghan, and five days after the advent of the disaster more than 700 post-shocks has been recorded reportedly. The largest post-shock is reported with the magnitude of 5.3 in Richter scale three days after the main quakes on Tuesday and the next with a magnitude of 5 in Richter scale on Wednesday at night. Continuation of the shocks put the people of the region in horror and makes them worried.

Emergence of the post-shocks raises the idea in mind that if the geodynamic phenomena in general and earthquakes in particular are the result of different processes  and interactions in Sun-Earth System and beyond, then the occurrence of such phenomena are detectable by investigation and continuous monitoring of the dynamism and changes in the features. Detecting the anomalies, fore shocks could be the precursor of the incidence of the dynamic phenomena like a quake/s. Detected anomalies that refers to fore shocks and post shocks are the indication of oscillatory behavior of the fault system, what is being seen clearly about this particular earthquake with a large number of post-shocks and eventual fore-shocks that possibly were not observed with adequate care and continuously. It can be modeled if sufficient data and information is accessible. The intensity of the continuous changes in the anomalies could be likely the indication of the vergence of the occurrence of the phenomena (Read more at Early Warning and Earthquake Monitoring Using New Earth Observation Radar Techniques, Parviz Tarikhi, 2011).

Salt Storms around the Lake Urmia; going to become a regional disaster

However this is not the only major disaster that the Azerbaijani people face recently. A more horrible disaster is going to emerge gradually and it is the salt storms that are seen recently caused by the drying of the Lake Urmia in the vicinity of the area that was hit by the above said earthquake. Due to the apparent mismanagement (Read more at Change detection in northwestern Iran, Parviz Tarikhi, 2000) the Lake Urmia is losing its water reservoir more than rapidly in recent years and becoming a dried basin with huge amount of salt remained due to fast evaporation (Read more at Lake Orumiyeh, Iran As Seen From Space and have a comparison to see how and in what extent the lake is changed at http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=76327). The salt storm (also known as salt tsunami) originated by drying the Lake Urmia barely threatens the environment of the Lake’s eastern region extending to Tehran, north central region of Iran and beyond. Salt storm can destroy the vegetation cover and consequently the living patterns of the creatures including the human residents living around. Despite of the earthquakes that almost are the local disasters the disasters caused by the salt storms is indeed a regional calamity with a broad and unprecedented and unexpected effects and results.



Shahryar starts military service midway

On 9 July when I am in Dakar, Senegal to attend the Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET) and Centre de Suvie Ecologique (CSE) Workshop on the Applications of Space Technology for Food Security scheduled to be held from 9 to 14 July, Shahryar my elder son starts his military service. The advent of his military service reminds my own military service twenty five years ago and the tortures and bad wills that I faced in doing it. Sometimes I think that the history is repeating but there are lots of differences at work. However I believe Shahryar’s military service will open his future way ahead and provide him with the opportunities that are not limited only to inland but to the entire globe. Passing his military service successfully will led him to get rid of the only option of studying in the academic level in the Myth-land which is increasingly and rapidly loses its quality particularly in recent decade in shadow of the malicious wills and plans of the masters of the empire of dissimulation ruling the Myth-land. This in turn will provide him with favorable job opportunities consequently. We in the family got the same idea about the younger son of the family and think about proceeding in such a way that Kamyar get free by passing his military service and reaching the freedom in following his study interests in a wider and open atmosphere instead of losing his luck and opportunities in a limited and unpromising inland condition that is nothing but the atmosphere of torture for all the youth of Myth-land who wish to step forward and progress freely and far from the polarized thoughts and views imposed by the rulers of the empire of dissimulation to the society.


Journey to Dakar, the westernmost point in Africa

For the first time in my life I traveled to Africa in 2010. My destination was Tunisia to where I traveled from 10 to 17 May 2010. My main mission was to contribute to the international training course on the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery; processing, interpretation and applications as a trainer. The course was held from 3rd to 14th May 2010 and I was the tutor of the SAR Interferometry part of the course from 11th to 14th May. The program was organized and conducted jointly by the Centre Regional de Télédétection des Etats d’Adrique du Nord- CRTEAN (Regional Center for Remote Sensing of North African Countries) and the Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology- ISNET.

My second travel to Africa took place after about two years. This time my main mission was attending the Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET) and Centre de Suvie Ecologique (CSE) Workshop on the Applications of Space Technology for Food Security that was held from 9 to 14 July 2012 in Dakar, Senegal. I started my travel on 7 July at night by leaving Tehran to Dubai by an Emirate Flight. The next day early in the morning I reached Dubai Airport where I had to wait for flying from Dubai to Dakar. Mid-morning at 9:45 I left Dubai to Dakar, the capital of Senegal. It was really a hot day. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon I reached Sedar Senegor International Airport of Dakar and came to hotel Novatel Dakar and resided in Room number 442 with a good and romantic view to the Atlantic Ocean.

At Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar and then at the Centre de Suvie Ecologique I chair the second session of the workshop on the first day.

On 9 July after waking up at the Hotel I tried to contact home to see if Shahryar started his military service. Zohreh and Kamyar said that had accompanied Shahryar to where he started his military service. They added that fortunately Shahryar’s post for military service training is located at Mahdasht about 10 kilometers of our house. This news relieved me a bit and I joined other participants of the ISNET/CSE Workshop to go to the Cheikh Anta Diop University (CADU) for attending the workshop. CADU is the best and mother university of Senegal. At the university I attended the morning sessions that is started by the opening session. But in the afternoon we had frequent power blackout that led to the interruption of the afternoon first session that I am its chairman. After the interruptions the organizers decided to go to CSE and continue the sessions there. I chaired the adventurous session by the end and finished it finally and successfully. It was so warm and the air moisture was very high. After getting back to hotel I once again called Zohreh and she said that Shahryar started his military service.

At King Fahd Palace Complex I give my presentation on the second day of the workshop. It is well received by the audience.

On 10 July, the second day of the workshop the authorities and organizers of the workshop took the participants to the King Fahd Palace Hotel. I give my presentation entitled “Monitoring of the Damages from Space using New Microwave Earth Observation Techniques” mid-morning. It was well presented and raised the interest and attention of the audience. Most of the participants approached me and showed their gratitude to me for presenting such high tech topic in this workshop. For lunch all the participants went to the restaurant of the King Fahd Palace Hotel at the seaside. The view of the hotel and the Atlantic Ocean was wonderful and nice and we enjoyed having lunch at the poolside of the hotel with large number of swimmers and sunbathers. After lunch we followed the work of the meeting and I contributed extensively in setting up the recommendations of the workshop. After the conclusion of the meeting all the international participants came to hotel and soon after prepared ourselves to go the dinner party hosted by the head of Centre de Suivie Ecologique (CSE) Dr. Assize Toure. Early at night I joined other colleagues to attend the party. We went to the Coco’s Restaurant at the sea side. The view was pretty nice and we enjoyed eating the grilled fish and meat.

House of slaves; Goree Island

The Freedom Statue; Goree Island

On 11 July I joined the other international participants of the workshop to attend the training sessions of the workshop held in the Centre de Suivie Ecologique (CSE). It was focusing on the use of space technologies on food security with specific emphasize on agriculture. In course of the day it was unbearably hot. The second day of the training course was held in the Centre de Suivie Ecologique (CSE). The presentations of one of the trainers were good and favorable. On 13 July the third day of training course was held in the Centre de Suivie Ecologique (CSE). For short time I met Dr. Azzise Toure, the head of CSE in his office.   Mr. Malick Diagne, one of the engineers of CSE and my trainee in the course on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) techniques applications in May 2010 in Tunisia joined me in this meeting. We talked about cooperation on SAR applications techniques. It was promising and Dr. Toure promised to invite me formally for cooperation in the near future. The closing meeting of the workshop was held in the Centre de Suivie Ecologique (CSE) on 14 July. The main part of the session was dedicated to the presenting the certificates and conclusion remarks. After finishing of the session all the international participants are taken to the Goree Island at the vicinity of Dakar Port by a small cruise. Goree Island was used as a place for departure of the slaves to Europe and America Continents for very long times. It was in control of the big colonialists like UK, Portugal, Dutch and finally France. The island is a small land with about 1500 population which 1000 is Muslim and 500 is Christian. We visited the places where the slaves were captivated for being sent abroad. The situation of the slaves was reportedly too bad and unfavorable. After visiting the Goree Slave house we walked all around the island and have a delicious lunch in a street restaurant. Afternoon we get back to Dakar. In the evening I walk around the hotel for short time.

On 15 July I left the Hotel Novotel Dakar mid-day to the Sedar Senegor International Airport where from I left Dakar to Dubai in the evening with more than an hour delay. The next day at about 8 o’clock after about 10 hours of flight I reached Dubai International Airport. I had to stay in the airport for about ten hours to leave to Tehran. Late in the evening I left Dubai to Tehran and late at night I reached the Imam Khomeni International Airport and my second travel to Africa concluded.

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Orientations and queues

Twenty five years ago on 2 July I passed the early stage of my military service in north east of Tehran in a garrison situated in Lavizan. I always remember the sweet and bitter memories of my military service that time. Those are either instructive or sometimes cause my regret. I recall that at the early days of military service in the boot camp there was variety of very young soldiers that were belonging to different cultures from different parts of the country. I was very thoughtful of what I was experiencing there due to unfortunate fate that I was facing. Mid-days when the lunch were being distributed to the soldiers, about an hour before the beginning of the meal distribution the soldiers were queuing with their pans or bowls at hand. Almost the majority of the soldiers were using the possible tricks and cheats to precede other colleagues in reaching the food sooner. They were saying swearwords, bad words and lies always; they were making every effort to be at the top of the queue for food and to this mean they were ready to trample friendship, honesty and philanthropy. That was a routine procedure that I was witnessing every day. The bully, liar, conjuror, unjust and illogical soldiers were always at the top of the queue. I hated such the situation and was regretful of that. In such status I was always at the end of the queue! But it was not the only custom ahead. There was a staff sergeant that was the head of our unit in the garrison. He was not happy of what was customary there. He was watching always the situation of the queues and the soldiers carefully and I was always seeing regret in his face and eyes. His orders were not obeyed by the soldiers since they were liked to reach food anyway. One day he decided to change the trend and with courage and robustly ordered that distribution of the meal should be done first for the soldiers at the end of the queue. He changed the direction of the queue! As a result the soldiers believing and considering the integrity, justice, friendship and honesty were at the front line this time and it was very fine and promising. I recall that day as one of the glorious days in my life. It passes lots of years from that days however when I think about that events I find great similarity between the advent of the meal queue in the garrison and the trend of the social life in the community that I am living in currently. I am so regretful that always the bullies, liars, cheaters, conjuror, unjust and illogical people are at the first of the queue everywhere in this country and unfortunately the integrity, justice, friendship, philanthropy and honesty are at the end of the queue. There is a great and vital need to change the direction of the queues in this society. If happen it will be a great fortune, and the best and great glory!



Race for higher education; is it running in the correct route?



Today on June 5 both of my sons, Shahryar and Kamyar attend the university entry exam for the state universities. Enthusiasm and interest of the students for higher education is admirable. However, it should not be neglected that the norms of higher education in Iran has been contrarily changed in course of the recent three decades. From the viewpoint of the current state authorities and decision-makers of the academic institutions the independent scientific thinking is not favored. They believe that obedience is the necessity for working and studying in the academic level. With this vision they have selected those instructors who are in line and concerting with their wills and plans for altering the higher education centers to the places where the independent scientific and exploratory visions are rejected and the obedience is promoted. The academic institutions as a result, has altered to the firms (state or non-private) for training the students to be tools for enjoying the needs of the Iranian society for social, economic, technical and more or less scientific support. Educating how to think and act scientifically is no more the priority for academic sector in Iran. In the meantime they have also dismissed, banished, rejected and put in the margins anyway all the professors and instructors who are labeled by the government as dissident. This does not portray a promising image from the higher education in Iran for the students who plan to study for higher levels of education and knowledge.



Progression of the project C1P.8242

The implementation of the project C1P.8242 which started in April 2011 was continued based on the provisioned timetable and now reaches to final stage. A report on the implementation of the project is now produced which is accessible by clicking on ‘INSAR FOR AQUATIC BODIES_report to ESRIN_PTarikhi.’ I am now available for the discussions and clarifications in this connection. You may leave a comment in this page or send e-mail to me.

I found the topic of this research project very interesting and believing in this I carried out it despite of the obstacles and limitations before me that mainly was official and organizational. I benefited only the hardware and computer systems accessible to me in my organization to implement it while I was obliged to secure the needed software and data myself. I examined the SAR Interferometry technique for three different global areas in tropical zone, southern and northern hemisphere. In the tropical zone I studied 47 Envisat SLC SAR images of Haiti, Dominican Republic, North Atlantic Ocean, Golfe de la Gonave, Caribbean Sea and Lago Enriquillo acquired in 2010. For southern hemisphere 37 Envisat SLC SAR images of Western Chile and South Pacific Ocean acquired in 2010 were examined. In the northern hemisphere 1860  Envisat SLC SAR images of Western Turkey including Black and Mediterranean Seas coast areas and inland lakes acquired in 2002-2010 were studied. The selected products for each study zone are given in the report. I have to extend my deep and sincere thanks and appreciation to ESRIN and ESA that provided me with the possibility to access to the satellite data acquired mainly by the Envisat. I and my little research core downloaded such large volume of data through the internet and then processed them. However, in recent couple of years due to the state hard limitations and heavy filtration of the international web sites (no matter it is scientific or else) by the government this task became very frustrating and time consuming. The same was about the access to the scientific and research sources whether through the net or in the form of hardcopies like books and journals. Although working on the topics like the one that I carried out are one of the main tasks and functions of my organization that is substantially a civilian entity, I was not lucky enough to have the support of the current and recent authorities of the space agency who are mainly concentrated on the launchers and space transportation development.

With the data volume of around 2 terra-bytes in our developed specialized archive comprising of radar satellite data and processed data and information the empirical field checkups is still necessary. In the meantime presenting the results of the research work is of great importance. For the first time I presented briefly the results of the research to the United Nations/Vietnam Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 10 to 14 October 2011. My paper entitled “InSAR of aquatic bodies” has been accepted to be presented to the XXII International Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Congress going to be held in Melbourne, Australia from 25 August to 1 September 2012. The whole paper will be included in the technical proceedings of the Congress however very likely I will fail to attend the Congress because I am unable to secure the expenses of my travel and participation in the Congress. I am hopeful to present the results of this research work to the United Nations/International Astronautical Federation (IAF) International Workshop on “Space Technologies Applied to the Needs of Humanity: Experience from Cases in the Mediterranean Area” going to be held in Naples, Italy from 28 to 30 September 2012 before the advent of the 63rd International Astronautical Congress that will be held from 1 to 5 October 2012 in Naples. Of course it would be fulfilled if the expenses of my participation and travel are covered by the organizers of the Workshop. Although attending the symposia is necessarily could be of value and effectiveness in terms of providing the possibility for discussing the results of the research work and knowledge and experience exchange, it is not sufficient and I believe that I seriously need to benefit the possibility of being and working closely with the scientists, experts and dignitaries of this technique/topic in the centres of excellence and research and academic institutions to work out and discuss the results of the work profoundly, scientifically and technically. Presently I follow the hard job of scientific work on the achieved results of this research and developing and trying the possible observations and hypothesis in this connection. Unfortunately my organization and its environment is no more capable of providing me further with the possibility of working in this field and career mainly because of the managerial problems and visions taken by the authorities. I am hopeful to be welcomed by the authorities of the research and academic entities all around the globe interested in and working on this topic by benefiting the possible sabbatical or research fellowship opportunities that might be available in their affiliated research and academic institutions. Benefiting such a gift-like opportunity will be very useful and constructive for me to be capable of developing my research work and having the possibility for discussing my ideas and mind with the scientists and experts of the topic.

27 June 2012


Part of COPUOS history

Just 8 years ago on such the day (2nd  June 2004). The photo that is seen below is one of the photos that was put for public visit in the show on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of OOSA at the Vienna International Center (VIC) in June 2007. It is wonderful. Now I am part of the COPUOS history. I worked in the capacity of COPUOS Bureau member when I was 42-45 years old (the youngest Bureau member by that time). I am the first Iranian that took a position in COPUOS since its establishment in 1958.

Part of COPUOS history

Part of COPUOS history; I in the front row far right, 2nd June 2004


Aerosol air pollution in Karaj; around the place where I live

Could continuous air pollution lead to mass migration ?

Air pollution appears as a tremendous event which its origins comes from human industrial activity and desertification in the region. While it is also in some way originates from the careless human industrial activity and environmental mismanagement, this latter shows its ugly face these days and there is very often a dense distribution of aerosols all around threatening the health and wellness of the people. The question rises in mind that if such the status continue for considerably long then the migration would be the effective solution. Such the commitment is being seen in recent times by the people living in densely populated areas.


Dr. Saied Pirasteh and I on May 16

Developing a cooperation

On May 16 I meet Dr. Saied Pirasteh, a colleague and friend, in Karaj. He lives abroad since nearly two decades ago and has been in few different countries in Asia and North America.  With a study background in geology for all bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in India, Saied is currently the Director for Programs Development at the Canadian Dewey College based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He also works as the President of the Waterloo Institute Disaster Management (WIDM). He is in the mean time the Editor in Chief of the International Geoinformatics Research and Development Journal (IGRDJ). Saied furthermore is presently a Visiting Professor Scholar of GeoSTARS Lab at the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Canada. We have been in communication since long ago and have continued our scientific and technical cooperation for few years. Our meeting and negotiations are promising and I hope that would lead to good and successful results.


Overwhelming agony and regret for the Myth-land

On May 11th

I am almost a hopeful person and loss heart rarely. However I am reaching a new conclusion and I feel that my vision is going to change a bit at least in some things and not in principles.  Today on May 9 I go to meet the old manager in his office. I am there about thirty minutes sooner and it is for the first time; in the metropolitan of the Myth-land it is rare to be on time! Meeting with the old manager is not promising this time. He says that there is new changes in the management of the outreach office and a new state man who holds a doctoral degree in material engineering and has been the  Ambassador of Myth-land to  Brazil recently is going to take office. But the question is that if he has been an Ambassador then how he has accepted to work in an inferior position. Is it really true? I wonder! The old manager  suggests that I stay in my current place and position indeed in the exile of Mahdasht and wait to see what will happen in coming year. He believes that I have to do something great enough so that others come toward me and praise me.

 I leave the office of the old manager with a fade vision about the future of the outreach  activities of the agency. It seems that the old manager is disappointed about this issue but it is surprising that he continues working with them. His attitude about me seems to get fade and is no more supportive .  While I really appreciate it but I have to point out that he has made hard struggle to bring me to the scene of official outreach activities once again to no avail. The masters of  the empire of dissimulation pessimistically see everything by the filters of badness and darkness.  They are fully of bad-will and promote this vision everywhere.  The promising horizon is getting fade increasingly. Patience is a precious and powerful mean for triumph and destruction of evil.

On April 2, in my cell-office in banishment, where I carry out my research work on SAR Interferometry


Looking at Marmara Sea at night

Imaging sea or ocean surfaces using optical sensors onboard of the space based platforms, like the remote sensing satellites, does not usually give us useful data, let alone it is carried out in night-time passes. However it is carried out successfully using radar remote sensing satellites. Envisat which is a satellite that carries microwave sensors flies around the globe in a sun-synchronous, near-circular orbit. Its altitude is 782.4km at the perigee and 799.8km at the apogee while its repeat cycle is 35 days. It means that the satellite passes exactly over a specific point on land surface each 35 days. Using SAR Interferometry method we combined the image pair of Envisat ASAR single look complex (SLC) images of Marmara Sea in north-western Turkey acquired on October 8, 2008, first image at 19:46:51 and the next at 19:47:02 with 11- second time baseline. The parallel baseline for the image pair is estimated -369.92 meters. Parallel baseline plays a basic role in successful combining the interferometric image pairs.

See Liqui-InSAR; SAR Interferometry for aquatic bodies, for more details.


Happy New Solar Year and Happy spring!


In Vienna after years

After five years since 2007 I benefited the opportunity to attend 49th Meeting of the United Nations Scientific and  Technical Subcommittee of the Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (STS-COPUOS) that was held from 6 to 17 February 2012. Delay in my visa issuance process caused the delay in my travel to Vienna four days and I only reached Vienna on Friday 10 February. At this time of the year Vienna is usually cold and freezing wind blows very often. I joined the meeting on the last day of the first week of the meeting. There was seen slight changes in the composition of the delegations that attend there from different countries and organizations in comparison to five years earlier and the beyond when I was attending the STS-COPUOS and the main committee meetings actively. The same was about the topics and subjects that the committee and its scientific and technical subcommittee follow.

As soon as I met the old manager in the meeting hall, he assured me that as far as he  attend the meetings in the future he would provide the possibility of my attendance in these meetings. In course of my stay in Vienna I benefited the opportunity to talk with the old manager and discuss the issues of importance to me and the reason for the limitations that is put on me in recent years. My presence at the meeting in the current situation was indeed a surprise for the authorities of the Office for Outer Space Affairs and the old colleagues whom I know since 2000 as well.


The urban areas, big factories for producing fatal gases and poisonous air pollution

Like last year and the years before air pollution in the big Iranian cities and urban areas persists. This year such the calamity showed itself either in summer and winter. It happens very often because of air inversion and when there is no air circulation in the urban areas. Wide consumption of domestically produced fuel in the combustion engines of the vehicles that are at work extensively and inevitably in the urban areas is the main reason for it. Wider usage of the CNG fuel in the vehicle engines enhances this situation and causing the greenhouse effect over the urban areas that is easily visible when the air current becomes still over those areas. Presence of the different poisonous and fatal pollutants produced by the use of inappropriate and ill-refined fuels puts the urban areas in the verge of a dangerous and more or less invisible disaster with extended, high, far-reaching/long-lasting casualty of the innocent citizens and living residents/creatures of the populated areas. It is indeed one of the great concerns of the myth-landers, although the authorities and majority of the people disregard it. Ignoring this critical problem would not lead to its removal. It is always at work and destruction invisibly. Who is responsible?


Battle of wills; who against who?

Less than a year earlier at the outset of the Arab Spring the masters of the empire of dissimulation started to put tight limitations on the access of Myth-landers to the free world and its greatest information highway, internet. They have filtered heavily the internet since then. As a scientific and technical researcher I have been in great difficulty in terms of accessing to the archives of data and sources of knowledge that are available and accessible freely to all researchers and interested people of the open world. This has led to much delay for me in the implementation of my research project on the application of SAR Interferometry technique for aquatic bodies that I started it since a year ago. The filtration has been revealed aiming at barely censorship of knowledge as well as limitation of communications. It affects every Myth-lander regardless of the sort of the knowledge and data that is searched. The top authorities called this action at the beginning as the battle of wills. It is actually similar to the commitment of the empire of dissimulation to jam the international satellite TV broadcasting which mainly aims to limit access of Myth-landers to the free news and knowledge. Now after a year since the exertion of the limitation in accessing the internet one can say clearly and informedly that the main battle is between the authorities of the empire of dissimulation and the Myth-landers!?


Violent apocalypse or the end of calamities

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus exposed in 1555, the empire of dissimulation ruling the Myth-land will be destroyed because of its economic and social corruption. [Century 9, Quatrain 43]

Whether we believe it or not, such the annihilation and destruction is currently taking place for the empire of dissimulation. It is apparently immersed in a corruption and fall of values that no one has saw before. No doubt it will be a violent apocalypse for the empire of dissimulation and contrarily the end of difficulties for the Myth-land and Myth-landers.


Liqui-InSAR; InSAR for aquatic bodies

Following the hard and compressed work on the use of the synthetic aperture radar interferometry for aquatic bodies under the project C1P.8242, now the preliminary report of the project, Liqui-InSAR; SAR Interferometry for aquatic bodies, is ready and available to those who are interested in the subject. Please share your views and comments about it with me.


Happy New Year 2012!


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