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Travel to Azerbaijan

From 23 to 26 December all the family members travel to Tabriz to visit the parents and other relatives. We later join them to go to Shahin-Dezh the south-most city of the Western Azerbaijan to attend the wedding ceremony of my nephew Ramiz. The wedding ceremony is held on Thursday in the evening and at night. After finishing the ceremony we drive back to home via Tekab, Bijar and Zanjan. We drive to home in the Christmas Eve and enjoy watching the clean and fabulously starry sky. We reach home on Friday 26 December in the morning.


20141103_fallNice Autumn

20141202_fallIn the middle of this fall the views of our nearby environment  particularly from the trace of our home is wonderful. I love watching the scenery around us very much.
















Summer time trip to Caspian

20140914_Parviz Tarikhi_GilMaz-IIOn Sunday September 14 we start our summer time trip to the Caspian Sea shore. My parents join us in this trip. We head to the Caspian Sea shore through the Chalus Road. Kamyar drives the car this time. We reach our destination, Hotel GilMaz near Chaboksar in the afternoon. To reach there we travel 280km and pass Chalus, Tonekabon, Ramsar and Chaboksar. We take the rooms 408 and 409. Walking at the sea-side late in the evening and early at night is pleasant. We all have dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

20140915_GilMaz-IIEarly in the morning next day I walk at the sea-shore alone. It is not so warm but pleasant. Mid-morning we drive to Ramsar. We go to make a visit to the Ramsar Palace Museum. It is magnificent and we take photos outside of the palace since taking photos inside the palace is not allowed. After visiting the museum we shop in a small market near the palace. It is warm. Late in the evening we have time to make a sea-shore walk.

20140916_Shahryar Tarikhi_Ramsar Roof-IIOn the third day of our travel I walk at the sea-shore while Zohreh joins me this time. It is not so warm but pleasant. Mid-day again we drive to the tele-cabin of Ramsar. It is a warm day. I accompanying Shahryar take the tele-cabin. It is wonderful. We take photos in our rout inside the cabin. Tele-cabin of Ramsar is the longest in Iran. It takes the passengers 2km far on the top of the green hills with the height of 700m. It takes around 15 minutes to reach the top. It is nice. At the destination that is called Roof of Ramsar Shahryar takes Zip-line. We both return back and then all leave to Ramsar and then return hotel after a small shopping. On the last day of our stay at the Caspian Sea shore I walk at the sea-shore accompanying Zohreh. It is not so warm but pleasant. After breakfast we all leave hotel Gilmaz and drive to Lahijan. After a shopping in Lahijan we head to Rasht. In Roudbar we make more shopping and reach home in the evening.





Global distribution of my book

Amazon starts distribution of my book.

 September 14



Available publicly 

 20140820_The Iranian Space Endeavor-I

August 21


Publication of my book

The Iranian Space Endeavor- Ambitions and Reality is published today.

July 31



Online publication of my book

The book, The Iranian Space Endeavor- Ambitions and Reality is published online.

July 21



My book in the process of printing and publication

Today the project of my book “The Iranian Space Endeavor- Ambitions and Reality” enters the phase of printing and publication that is scheduled for the end of July 2014. The editor of the book, Dr. David M. Harland and I signed off on the project by approving the final proof of the book, which was prepared by the India branch of SPi Global based in Chennai. It was a great luck and pleasure for me to have Dr. Harland as the editor of my book. He is a space historian, which made him an appropriate individual to edit my book since he is an experienced, well-known and reputable person in the topic by writing about 25 books on space and its exploration and editing numerous books on the topic for other authors. David lives in Glasgow in Scotland. He holds a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and a doctorate in computer science, both from St Andrews that is the oldest university in Scotland. After working in academia and the computer industry, he retired in 1995 to write full-time on his childhood interest in space exploration. A friend of mine and my family, Henk H. F. Smid, who is a space technology expert and currently a consultant on the topic based in Breda, the Netherlands read the manuscript of the book before leaving it to the editor for further processing. After reading the manuscript of the book, Henk wrote to me, “I applaud your drive and reasons to write this book. I only question ulterior motives, if there are any”. He added, “You sometimes are very harsh about specific people and I hope that this will not counter fire at you or your family”.

Henk expressed in continuation, “I expected a space book from a technocrat and surprisingly, it turned out to be a book from a patriot. There is nothing wrong with that. However, what you publish will be there for eternity”. According to Henk the time to publish the book was as good as any. He further said, “This book will be an eye opener for many people. I think that foreign space analysts will devour it”.

The idea of the editor of the book after finishing to edit it is, “I hope the ISA authorities don’t shoot you when they read your book!” Prior to David, the editor of the book, Henk also warned me to “Remember the bull in the China shop.‏” He related, “The more I come to the end of your book, the more I worry. …Over here such a book would not be a problem, but in your country it is a different story. People have been taken to not so nice places for less offensive scriptures. Of course you have to do what you want, but I still worry.”

 Karaj- July 17



20140518_Zohreh Tebyani-VSpring-time trip to north

On May 18, all family members drive to the Caspian Sea shore. We start mid-morning. It is a nice day however we have a problem with car’s radiator. After fixing the problem that last not so long we continue our trip. The final destination is Namak Abroud and we have our lunch in the coastal park of Namak Abroud (Sarina) that is nice place and cozy at this time of the year. We like and pass a memorable time there and think to return there someday in the near future. Taking photos in sea shore is the last job. A sample is seen here showing Zohreh meditating and enjoying of being there.







Green spring

The greenness around the home is wonderful in the spring and this year we enjoy it like the previous years.



Sizdeh-be-dar in homeland

20140402_Sizdeh bedar in Maragheh-ISizdeh-be-daris the Iranian tradition that on the 13th day of the spring, April 2, the people celebrates by leaving their home and passing their time in the natural environment. It is said that if the people do not leave home then they would face badness. Therefore it is better that even for a short time one leave home and pass time in the nature. We follow this tradition this year when we are in Maragheh, my hometown. We reach Maragheh from Tabriz mid-day after having lunch at the home of Zohreh’s sister we leave home drive to visit the Humpoil cave in the east of Maragheh. It is a nice place that is crowded because of the Sizdeh-be-dar and the people pass time and come to picnic there. Returning home we face a heavy traffic jam that takes lot of time for us to reach city and go home. The photos illustrate the event while the top photo shows Zohreh and I beside a close relative, Saied. The bottom photo depicts Shahryar beside me. Kamyar is missing since he withdrew joining us to visit the site.

20140402_Sizdeh bedar in Maragheh-IV


Happy New Solar Year 1393 and Happy spring!




The Iranian Space Endeavor, the first book written only about Iran space

For those who see the trend of progress and movement of the Iranian space endeavor from the outside, it can be difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes. However, for one who observes these events firsthand, they take on a very different meaning. In this book, I bring new and different profiles of Iran’s space endeavor to light. Iran claims to be the ninth leading country in the world capable of manufacturing satellites and launching them, plans to land an astronaut on the Moon within a decade, and says its own president plans to be the first Iranian astronaut to travel into space. I present in this book that not all of these claims are quite as they seem.  In addition to technical explanations, the book also includes historical, legal, social and cultural aspects of Iran space as well. In this book I try to create a tangible feeling of Iran’s space endeavor for the readers. ‘The Iranian Space Endeavor – Ambitions and Reality’ is now in the process of printing and will be available in the near future.************************************************************



Winter-time trip to north20140227_Zohreh&Parviz-I

On February 27 in a non-stop trip to north all the family drive to Chalus and move westward in the beach side route. We have our delicious lunch in Namak Abroud beside the charm Caspian Sea shore. From there we head to Lahijan where we make a shopping there and move towards Rasht early at night. We reach home late at night via Qazvin after leaving Rasht. Driving the car is made by me and two sons Shahryar and Kamyar, so it is not too hard particularly over night.




Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014


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