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 Trans-locating to the newly bought home

On December 17 we trans-locate to the new house that we bought. It is for the second time that we buy a house.  The new house is located in Sadaf Residential Complex, Block five, fourth floor, western apartment. The area of the apartment is 105 square meters. The environment of the new house is very pleasant and its security is high. It is known as the Khabargozari Residential Complex. It contains 38 buildings and 304 apartments with about 1300 residents .







 img_2720Late summer trip to Tabriz

 On September 21 I accompanying the family drive to Tabriz. We start our late summer trip in the afternoon. We reach parents’ home late at night. The next day we make shopping beside other family relatives. Soon after I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive to bazaar of Tabriz and there Shahryar takes photos from the traditional views. A sample of Shahryar’s photographs is seen at right.  We lose a lot of time in finding a parking. We take photos from the carpet market and also jewelry market. After finishing we drive back to parents home. Afternoon I accompanying Shahryar drive out to pick up Houshang and then we go again to bazaar. This time Shahryar goes other place for photographing and I accompanying Houshang go to shop some computer device. For dinner we are in my younger sister’s home. On the third day mid-morning I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive out to go for shopping. Dad accompanies us for short course and then returns home. At first we take some photos and then go to make shopping. In the evening I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar leave parents’ home to Karaj. We reach home late at night.


img_2668 Picnic near home

On September 20 we benefit of the opportunity to join the family of Shahryar’s friend and go to Kordan a resort near home. We have our lunch outdoor. It is too nice. We back home late at night. A sample of Shahryar’s photographs from the sight is seen at left.



0009A trip to North West

For a three day trip I accompanying the family drive to the North West on September 7.  Our destination is Sar-ein near Ardebil. We go there again after 18 years. We start our travel in the afternoon and reach there late at night. In the route it is raining and the half of the time passes in rainy weather. We go there through Rasht, Fuman, Astara and Ardebil.  Passing fuman it is raining for long in the route. Both Shahryar and I drive the car in the route. We reach Sar-ein at about 11 o’clock at night and go to find the leisure house of post where Nasrin and the family accompanying parents and Parvin and the family are there. It is cold in Sar-ein and we go to bed soon after late dinner. The next day we wake up a bit late in the morning in Sar-ein. At night it is cool. Mid-morning I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive to Villa Dareh near Sar-ein. It is too cold. Later parents, Nasrin and the family join us there. We walk and hike around and back. In our way to Sar-ein I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive to the ski resort near Sar-ein. It is fine. We later drive back to the house and reach there a bit late. Late in the evening we walk around the house and back after some shopping and have a light food. On the third day we wake up soon in the morning in Sar-ein and leave there. It is cool in the route particularly in Heiran pass. We stay to watch some views and take photos by the Estil Lagoon near Astara. A sample of Shahryar’s photographs from the Estil Lagoon sight is seen above. After shopping in Astara and visiting a museum of the forest villagers we head to home and reach late at night.


0013025341_shahryar-tarikhiShahryar starts studying for a Master degree

On August 29 Shahryar receives his admittance to start his Master degree in Industrial Engineering in Kharazmi University.

On August 29 Shahryar receives his admittance to start his Master degree in Industrial Engineering in Kharazmi University.

On August 29 Shahryar receives his admittance to start his Master degree in Industrial Engineering in Kharazmi University.



Kamyar leaves home to study abroad 

On August 21, Kamyar leaves Iran to the Netherlands to start his academic studies. It was his long lasting dream and finally he succeed to realize it. He now begins his study in one of the Europe’s outstanding universities, the thing that Kamyar is happy with that and the family all attempts to support him in his way.

Industrial Design Engineering Faculty_TU Delft-1



Happy New Solar Year 1395 and Happy spring!

Novrouz 95


Travel to Mashhad for the first time

20160308_Parviz Tarikhi 2From 4 to 8 March I accompanying my family, parents and aunt travel to Mashhad in northeast of Iran, the capital of Khorasan Razavi Province. We take there and back again by train. The parents and my aunt join us in Mashhad. We stay in a house in the downtown. We 20160306_Shrine1benefit the opportunity to visit the shrine of the eighth Shiite Imam where it is lots of pilgrims visiting the shrine of Imam Reza. I accompanying Dad had two visits there on Saturday and Monday 5 and 7 March respectively.

20160306_Tous2We all also visit the tomb of Ferdowsi, Iran’s epic poet situated in Tus, 15 km northeast of Mashhad on Sunday 6 March. The site is wonderful. We visit the tomb with its specific and magnificent architecture. The walls are decorated with the sculptures of Shah-nameh epic heroes that look very nice and prideful. After visiting the tomb we visit the Ferdowsi museum in which we watch the drawings and stuff about Shah-nameh, Ferdowsi and the past of Iran. We buy some cultural products relating to Ferdowsi and Shah-nameh in the bookstore inside the museum and outside it. We have a nice time of being there.






Visit to the Nader Museum in downtown is also nice while we visit the bazaars around the shrine of Imam Reza and shop there particularly saffron which the traditional souvenir of Khorasan. In two last days of our stay in Mashhad it is rainy that makes it very pleasant and memorable.

It was my travel to Mashhad for the first time. Also it was for the first time that I traveled in this time of the year.

20160308_Parviz Tarikhi 1


Happy New Year 2016!

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