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 YuletideYule Tide at home

Yalda Night (Winter Solstice) that is the longest night of the year. It is also called Yule Tide which synonyms is Noel and Yule, the fest days when the birth of Christ is also celebrated annually.

In addition to my family my mother and my sisters and their family members celebrate this long night at our home a day after the advent of earthquake in our vicinity. We in the meat time celebrate the real birthday of Zohreh at home while she is surprised for that.



 Quake in vicinity

On 21 December 2017 late at night a horrible earthquake hits Meshkin-dasht 7km southeast of Karaj. This happens when my mother and my sisters and their family members just arrived our home from Tabriz. The earthquake intensity is 5.2 in Richter scale and its strength is felt apparently at home. Following the event we all leave home out and wait for some time out while the majority of the residents of our residential complex have left their home out for safety. The aftershocks continues in the next days while the authorities warn about more jolts and necessity of prudency and care before earthquake eventual casualties.


Earthquake risk map of Karaj and Tehran


Kamyar2Kamyar at home for holidays

On 14 December 2017 Kamyar reaches home from the Netherlands for a holiday. He comes home from the Netherlands directly. In the afternoon I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive to the Imam Khomeini International Airport to welcome Kamyar and pick up him. He will prepare himself beside the family to continue his study fresh. Other family members try to assist and support him in this way.



Autumn leisure

From 10 to 13 November I have a family trip to the Caspian Sea shore. We attend a resort in Sorkhrud that is offered by the space agency for the employees. Located in Mazandaran Province the nature around and environment of the accommodation is wonderful and gives us the pleasure of a nice stay far from the commotions and stresses.


Resort environment


Resort environment


Fishermen at sea




Emancipation; in Saadabad Royal Complex (Photographed by Shahryar Tarikhi)



For half a day along with my wife and elder son I benefit the opportunity to visit Saadabd Cultural and Historical Royal Complex in north of Tehran. It is wonderful and we enjoy being there emancipated. The environment is impressive particularly for my specific status. These days I am under a systematic torture and intensive discrimination in my official work environment. The authorities attempt to annoy and make unruly problems for me as far as they can on count of alleged writing a comprehensive book by me on the space endeavor of Iran while in part of the book I have warned and criticized the widespread corruption, immorality and discrimination supported and promoted by the authorities of agency particularly its security-intelligence top officers. Read more on this below under ‘Organizational strangle; red bull in a China shop.’


In Saadabad Royal Complex; Zohreh (Photographed by Shahryar Tarikhi)



Shahryar and I (Photographed by Zohreh Tebyani)




Conical houses in the Kandovan village in the vicinity of Tabriz  (Photographed by Shahryar Tarikhi)


Trip to parental land in autumn

From 27 September to 3 October I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar make a trip to parental land. I stay in Tabriz while Zohreh and Shahryar make a short trip also to Maragheh. It is a time for refreshment while my official status is in ambiguity and my office door in Mahdasht Space Center is locked and sealed since about seven weeks. On 2 October we benefit the opportunity to visit the Kandovan village in the vicinity of Tabriz. The village is famous for the conical shape of the houses in the mountain.



20170908_Parviz Tarikhi1

In Marivan next to Lake Zarivaar (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)


Travel to where I have never seen

On 7 September 2017 I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar make a trip to Kurdistan for three days. Our destination is Sanandaj where my friend and colleague of military service lives there with his family. It was for long that we were planning to go to meet Jamshid; it finally happened. We left home mid-morning and reach Sanandaj in the afternoon. We are welcomed by Jamshid and his daughter Rojan when we arrive the entrance of the city. We follow them later to their house. For lunch we are in Jamshid’s home. It is warm. In the evening we drive out to visit the city and its surrounding. It is interesting and wonderful. The environment of Kurdistan is very specific and different. After having a light traditional dinner out that was really delicious we go to Jamshid’s home. Although we are tired we go to bed late at night. We talk about the past memories and also our memories. We have Skype conversation with the sister of Jamshid and her husband in Sweden and Kamyar as well in the Netherlands.

The next day we drive to Ouraman or Houraman. All my family and Jamshid’s family go there and after visiting there go to have lunch. After lunch we drive to Marivan and go to the lakeside of Zarivaar. From there we drive to the garden of Jamshid’s father in law. It is atop of a high hills next to Marivan. For dinner we are in the garden. And late at night we leave the garden to Sanandaj. Early in morning we reach Jamshid’s home in Sanandaj. We go to bed soon and wake soon up in the morning. We prepare ourselves to leave Sanandaj to home but Zohreh and Shahryar insist that we visit Kermanshah, so we head to there. In Kermanshah we visit Taagh-e Bostan and later head to home. We reach home early at night.


In Sanandaj natural park; the city is seen in behind. Zohreh, Shahryar and I (Photographed by J. Moradi)



Sanandaj as seen from Abidar (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)


On the way to Houraman; a camp for good smuggling is seen far down near the border (Photographed by P. Tarikhi)



Next to Houraman; Shahryar (left) beside Sina Moradi  (Photographed by R. Moradi)



Far view of Houraman (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)




Zohreh (second from right) and I (second from left) beside the Moradi’s family in Marivan; Lake Zarivaar is seen behind (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)



20170908_Lake Zarivaari1

Lake Zarivaar in Marivan (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)



20170909_Taagh-e Bostani1

Zohreh and I in Taagh-e Bostan in Kermanshah  (Photographed by S. Tarikhi)





Organizational strangle; red bull in a China shop


The ward-like room in the headquarters of the space agency in which I stayed for 76 days starting on August 15, 2017. Everything is sealed and locked in the room even the clock. 


Following the unsuccessful cabals with the aim of annoying, intimidation and threatening, suppression and mental collapse of me as the author of the book ‘The Iranian Space Endeavor; Ambitions and Reality’ more harassment were emerged. When blackmailing me by the ghost leader of the security-intelligence in support of the agency’s president scandalously failed new problems for me was waiting to come up. A conspiracy plot was set up by the ghost leader of the agency’s security-intelligence against the author.  For the author it was actually red bull in a China shop that was too perilous.


The door of my workroom at the Mahdasht Space Center that was sealed and locked for 82 days starting on August 9, 2017. However when it was reopened on October 31, 2017 author’s computer systems and compact discs was seized for alleged inspections. 

The author have had explicitly warned of this by the ghost leader earlier. A complaint against the author was first submitted to the Legal Office of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (CIT). The result was for the benefit of the author leading to embarrassment of the complainants. The case was offered to the Minister of CIT of the date for comments. He prohibited the author of working in the technical sections of his ministry!? Although that minister left office soon after, what he ordered yet remained in force. The comment from the minister became a pretext at the hands of the top authorities of the agency to decide to mischievously order a gang of eleven official rabbles headed by the ghost leader of the security-intelligence of the agency to attack non-professionally the office of the author in Mahdasht Space Center on Wednesday August 9, 2017 when he was in vacations and locked and sealed the door of the office. A complaint was sent to the Board of Administrative Offences Investigation by the president of the agency in the same time. Author was intentionally forced to the status of dismissal from the state services. For around three months he was obliged to go daily to the headquarters office in Tehran from Karaj and wait in a ward-like room and then back to home in the evening. Although the president of the agency obliged to recant and the sealed door of author’s office was opened on 31 October after 82 days however it was not the end of conspiracy and harassment. Author’s computer systems and compact discs are seized for inspection and as a result he is prohibited and disallowed of access and use any communication and computer system in his work place in Mahdasht Space Center. He is reckoned for what has not yet happened!


A closer view of the sealed and locked door of my workroom at the Mahdasht Space Center  



20151031_National Remote Sensing Lab-ASC-My Office

My room in the Mahdasht Space Center where attacked on August 9, 2017  



20170730_Shahryar & Kamyar

Shahryar and Kamyar (far right) at the airport 


Kamyar at home for holidays after a year

On 30 July 2017 Kamyar reaches Iran from the Netherlands for a three week holiday. He comes home from the Netherlands via Vienna, Austria. In the afternoon I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar drive to the Imam Khomeini International Airport to welcome Kamyar and pick him up.

After about three weeks Kamyar leave home to the Netherlands on Wednesday 23 August. I accompanying Zohreh and Shahryar take Kamyar to the Imam Khomeini International Airport. Kamyar left home in the evening to the Netherlands via Vienna, Austria.

Kamyar in Delft

Kamyar at the University


We passed pleasant and memorable time during Kamyar’s trip to home. In the course of Kamyar’s stay in Iran the family benefited the opportunity to attend the wedding ceremony of my nephew in Tabriz and visit to Maragheh. In that time under a plotted attack to my official room in Mahdasht Space Center made by the state gangs of the space agency with the leadership of head of the security-intelligence head my room is locked and sealed on August 9, 2017.


 The Status of Science Journalism in Iran

My new article published in June 2017.

Science writing in Iran_PTarikhi

Read it by clicking here.



Ascent of a great soul to the eternity

On March 14, 2017 my father, Ahmad Tarikhi, had a Cerebral Vessel Accident (CVA) early in the morning. He was taken under serious and urgent care in a hospital in Tabriz where my parents lived for around 15 years. It is indeed a sad event that his family experiencing in the last days of the Solar Year 1395 and early days of forthcoming year. On April 8 Dad is relocated from hospital to home for continuation of medical treatment. However on April 25 he passed away early in the morning. May he rest in peace and God bless his great soul!


Dad’s Birthday Anniversary- 2016


Beside Dad in Ferdowsi’s Tomb- 2016 


 Dad and Mom in Ramsar- 2014 


Happy New Solar Year 1396 and Happy spring!

Novrouz 95


Happy New Year 2017!

Dear Colleague/Friend,

Season’s Greeting and Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing a prosperous New Year for you,

your dearest and nearest ones!

Parviz Tarikhi,


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