pomegranate treeYule Tide this year; a promising eve

Yalda Night, December 21, is the longest night of the year which is also called Yule Tide or Noel or Yule. It is a celebration when families and friends come together. It is a feast during which they eat and joy together to express their solidarity. The symbol of Yalda eve is pomegranate which is the manifestation of fertility, abundance, prosperity and ambition.

This year like the past all the family members celebrate this long night at home.



Autumn at workplace 

This autumn of 2018 my workplace is too bewildered and tedious in shadow of the predominance of severe security condition. All the things narrate it.



20181121 Setareh Draya-ChamkhalehCorner of Paradise   

20181120_Chamkhaleh Beach 3In November we have a family trip to Chamkhaleh at the Caspian Sea shore. We stay in Hotel Setareh Darya on the verge of the sea which is hired by the space agency. We have really nice time there with wonderful memories. The resort environment is very much fantastic and dreamy like a corner of Paradise. During our trip we benefit the opportunity to visit Chamkhaleh, Langroud and Lahijan in Gillan Province.

20181120_Chamkhaleh Beach 2

20181120_pegeon hole1

20181120_Setare Darya1

20181120_Setare Darya5

20181120_Setare Darya2

20181120_Setare Darya3

20181120_Setare Darya7

20181120_pegeon hole3

20181120_Setare Darya8

20181121_pegeon hole4

20181121_pegeon hole5

20181121_pegeon hole6

20181121_Setare Darya1


20181104_Sorkhroud 9Again Sorkhrud in autumn   

20181104_Sorkhroud 2In November we have a family trip to Sorkhrud at the Caspian Sea shore. We stay in the villa number 6 in the resort abode hired by the space agency. Beside the family members we pass nice time there with good memories. The resort environment is actually nice. During our trip we benefit the opportunity to visit Babolsar, Fereydoun Kenar and Khazarshahr in Mazandaran Province.

20181104_Sorkhroud Sharyar Mom Kamyar

My mother, Shahryar (left) and Kamyar (right)


20180313_J Khosrowshahi 2

Mr. Jalal Khosrowshahi

An unanticipated migration to Eternity       


On August 18, my brother-in-law Mr. Jalal Khosrowshahi passes away in Maragheh my birthplace after a not so long term illness in his throat. All the family of mine attend the ceremony for his inhumation in the city cemetery. Being 10 years elder that me he was a teacher and actually the man of stature and perseverance. We will always miss him and may God bless him and his soul rest in peace and tranquility.







Summoned in advance by phone, on June 25, 2018 I attend the Prosecutors Office of Evin next to the Evin Prison. At the first branch of the office I meet the prosecutor for arraignment. He demand my clarification and confession. Although I am disallowed to get acquainted of the content of the lawsuit it is revealed immediately that the rogues at the agency are involved. The arraignment session lasts no longer than a quarter of an hour and at the end the prosecutor wants me to bring bailer for being released on bail by the court trial which date would be announced later. I attempt several times to call for assistance but only the president of the space agency is responsive while he assures for needed arrangements for my release. But it is too late for that day and the prosecutor orders for me to be detained and wait in custody to see if a bailer would come to release me. I am then kept in custody for 65 hours before I am released. At first the accusation is announced ‘writing of the book on space endeavor’ of the country but it changes to ‘writing about the space activities’ of the country and disclosure of secrets; but it is unknown, disclosing which secrets? Yet it is unclear. I have to reckon for what is not yet happened! It is indeed far-off imagination how horrifying and effective could be writing about realities and shedding light on corruption and corrupted relations. I am under pressure and limitation NOT TO WRITE in all, no matter what it could be. It is the ultimate goal.


A primary court is held for me early in September while I am sentenced unjustly for jail and ban of foreign travel. Still being released on bail an appeal trial is waiting for me next year.


A new car for us 

On Thursday 7 June (Khordad 17, 1397) we buy a new car. It is a black color Peugeot Persia.




Spring in Sorkhrud  

From 19 to 22 May I have a family trip to the Caspian Sea shore. We attend a resort in Sorkhrud that is offered by the space agency for the employees. Located in Mazandaran Province the nature around and environment of the accommodation is wonderful and gives us the pleasure of a nice stay far from the commotions and stresses.


Kiting by the Caspian Sea


Kiting by the Caspian Sea


Kiting by the Caspian Sea

20180520_I in Sorkhroud1

I in Sorkhrud resort environment


Caspian Sea shore in Sorkhrud


Construction by the Caspian Sea shore in Sorkhrud



20170601_Father-1Obituary for a great human  

Following a 40-day fighting against Cerebral Vessel Accident (CVA) [March 15, 2017- 24 Esfand 1395] and after 93 years of life my father passed away on April 25, 2107 (5 Ordibehesht 1396). The family held obituary ceremony in Tabriz. To attend the ceremony I traveled there on April 24 and backed four days later after conclusion of the anniversary ceremonies. After nearly a year I recall that day while I was contacted by mother and brother-in-law, Houshang from Tabriz. They said that father was too patient. I rushed to Tabriz but I reached parents’ home at about 6 o’clock in the morning on April 25 while father passed away at about 5:40 early in the morning when I was in the way to Tabriz. Everybody from the main family members are in parents’ home. They are all in grief and unhappy and mourning and this reflects the sad news of the demise of father after about 40 days of fighting CVA and after 93 years of living. I am unhappy and in grief like every other people in parents’ home. Today is Mabaas Day- that is the anniversary of when Prophet Mohammad became Muslim’s prophet. We all make farewell to father with great grief and his corps is taken by an ambulance to the cemetery of Tabriz that is known as Vadi-e Rahmat in south west of the city. I and Houshang follow the ambulance and drive to the cemetery for official arrangements for inhume. After making official arrangements and leaving father’s corps to the fridge of the cemetery I and Houshang back to parents’ home to wait for the burial ceremony mid-day. I and Houshang then back to home. In parents’ home the arrangements is made for the obituary ceremony in the evening. Mid-day I and my cousin, Masoud go to Vadi-e Rahmat Cemetery of Tabriz. We there arrange for the burial of father’s corps. There it is made a collective prayer for him. Later his corps is taken to the grave where it would be entombed. I was in the ambulance where the corps of father in the coffin ported to his tomb. The corps of father was entombed mid-day in the grave 58-41-33- 1st floor. Everybody was mourning. In the afternoon we all attended the mosque near parents’ home for obituary ceremony.


20180530_My Office

Late Dad’s photo on the desk in my office


Excursion along Simineh-rud 

On March 27 I accompanied by my wife and son drive to Mian-do-Ab where my aunt lives there. We reach there in lunch time. In the evening I accompanying the husband of my cousin drive by the Simineh-rud and see nice views of nature. We try to make fishing with no luck. It is pleasant and I enjoy the opportunity. Other relatives join us there in auntie’s home.




Happy New Solar Year 1396 and Happy spring!



Compliance with a weird invitation 

Starting from February 8 in the evening, I accompanying my spouse began a trip to Iraq following the invitation of the Karbala Center for Studies and Research (KCSR) affiliated to the General Secretariat of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine. Based on the recommendations of Dr. Abdulkareem Abd Ali Mohammed, the Director General of Space and Communications Directorate (SCD) of Iraq I was invited to contribute to the implementation of the ongoing project in the Karbala Center for Studies and Research with the aim to Identify and discover the historical path of Imam Hussein’s convoy from the site of his entry into Iraq from the Saudi border to Karbala using new radar remote sensing technologies. Worth to say that the path has been historically studied and the historic cities along the road have been well identified, and old oases and wells also have been identified along the path.

While our first destination was the city of Karbala, we went there from Baghdad wherein we were welcomed by two people from Kabala Center at Baghdad International Airport. We moved soon to Karbala and resided in the Seyed al-Shohada (AS) Complex. The next day that was Friday I went to the Kabala Center for Studies and Research. At the center I attended a meeting with Dr. Abdul Amir Aziz Al Quraishi, Managing Director of the center and Dr. Abdulkareem the head of the Directorate of Space and Communications and some other people from the center. I appreciated all with a descriptive remark and presented a copy of my last book to both Mr. Al Quraishi and Dr. Abdulkareem.


Meeting with the directors of KCSR and SCD

I gave a presentation in the morning which was welcomed by the audience from the center who are involved in the implementation of the above-mentioned project. After lunch time in the afternoon a presentation was given by Dr. Zuhair Aljwahery, a professor from Karbala University and the leader of the project; we stipulated to go to field check and site seeing the next day. In the evening of the same day I accompanying Zohreh walked to the shrines of the martyrs of Islam including Imam Hussein for pilgrimage. The shrines were too crowded and after visiting there we walked at the nearby streets.


Giving my presentation to the  experts and directors of KCSR and SCD

On Saturday February 10 soon in the morning I and my wife attended the Kabala Center for Studies and Research to join others at the center to go for field check out of the city of Karbala. With three automobiles we headed towards the pre-decided sites in the west and south west of Karbala but a short time after departure we had a car crash for the leader car in which there was the head of Karbala Center and some other colleagues. It led to injuries and we all returned back to Karbala and took the injuries to the hospital. Mr. Al Quraishi, his son and some others were hurt. In the hospital the injuries were taken under control, protection and medication. We were there by mid-day and later my wife and I were taken to our residence. In the evening I accompanying Zohreh walked out to go to the site of shrines and after taking photos and video clips and making shopping returned to hotel.

The next day a colleague from Kabala Center for Studies and Research come to pick up us to go to Najaf and Kufa. There is an 80km distance between Karbala and Najaf. At first we went to Kufa. There we visited the shrines of Prophet Ali’s colleagues and companions, his house and Mosque of Kufa. We later headed to Najaf about 8km from Kufa wherein we had our lunch and then went to visit the shrine of Prophet Ali. We finally returned to Karbala in the evening. In hotel in the evening Dr. Abdulkareem met me and my wife and we talked about some issues for cooperation. When Dr. Abdulkareem left us I accompanying Zohreh walked out to make shopping.

On Monday February 12 I attended the Kabala Center for Studies and Research. I went there accompanying Mr. Abdulla Husseini by motorbike! At the center I met Dr. Abdulkareem and I, with him and Mr. Husseini had a discussion session about the future plans. The meeting lasted by noon and after having lunch I returned back to hotel. Late in the evening I and Zohreh walked out for shopping and returned the residence after shopping.

On February 13 in the last day of our trip we went to Baghdad by the car. We reached Baghdad on time and went to Ishtar Hotel (previously called Sheraton Hotel of Baghdad). It was raining in Baghdad. There I and Zohreh went to our room but after a short relax I attended the expert meeting with the specialists from the Directorate of Space and Communications of Iraq. It was a dynamic meeting and lasted by noon. After lunch we concluded the meeting and then we all went to the shrine of Imam Musa ibn-e Jaafar and javad ibn-e Reza. A colleague of Dr. Abdulkareem came to pick up us late at night to take us to the Baghdad Airport. It was raining severely. After passing several number of inspection posts we reached the airport terminal. It was crowded in the terminal. Our trip ended by reaching home early in the morning on Wednesday February 14.



Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018

Dear Colleague/Friend,

Happy New Year 2018 Season’s Greeting!

Wishing a prosperous New Year for you,

your dearest and nearest ones!

Parviz Tarikhi

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