Readers’ Concern



Readers’ Concern

It is worth noting the concerns about the publication of “Roads to Prosperity” in GEO:Connexion International Magazine. Below you will find the reflections received by e-mail that is in addition to what I have received through phone and by hand writings. The messages text is arranged by time sequence from newest to oldest. The information in brackets is given by me.

Parviz Tarikhi

Last updated: 22ndJanuary 2007



From :  Mehdi Tabeshian

Sent :  Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:05 PM

To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


Dear Mr. Tarikhi; Salam

Many thanks .

It was interesting Article. I wish you the best.

M. Tabeshian

[Mr. Mehdi Tabeshian is currently the advisor to the President of the Iranian Space Agency in the international issues.]



From :  Mike Inggs

Sent :  Monday, January 15, 2007 3:55 PM

To :  “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

Subject :  Re: FW: Re: Iranian PhD candidate



Compliments of the season to you also. Well done on the recent papers.

Thus far, no progress. I would stay close to the CSIR people, as they have the access to resources.



[Professor Mike Inggs is the Electronic Engineering professor of Cape Town University, South Africa]



From :  Bahman Jazayeri- Jazayeri and Associates

Sent :  Saturday, January 13, 2007 3:02 PM

To :  “‘Parviz Tarikhi'” <>

Subject :  RE: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


Dear Mr. Tarikhi,

Thank you for sending me your latest articles.

I wish you every success in your future work

Best regards

Bahman Jazayeri

Managing Director

J&A Geomatics Consultants

[Mr. Bahman Jazayeri is a senior manager and expert of Remote Sensing technology. He worked in the former Iranian Remote Sensing Center for years.]



From :  Afrouz Izadpanah

Sent :  Thursday, January 11, 2007 11:45 PM

To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


Hello Mr. Tarikhi:

I hope you are fine. I was really glad when i saw your email. I I read your article which is very intresting. I wish i had this article like 3 months ago, because i had a paper about application of GIS in risk assessmnet and this article was very useful in terms of knowing the roads that might be connected to the places  at risk zones. Anyway i am done my study and know i’m looking for job which is very hard to find because of French in QC. They need French but perfect french to write the reports. I would appreciate that if you send me more articles which you have access or if there is a way that i can register  to scientific journals (ofcourse free).

How’s evrything i ISP as i heard from people over there the organization has totally changed and people distributed in 2 or 3 offices.  i hope everything is goas well for you and your family as well. Convert my regards to anybody that i know, and i am looking forward for more successful which make me proud of Iranian people like you.

Are you still working on coming here or anywhere out of boarder? I will be glad if you can come here then i can find a job.

Keep in touch

take care


[Ms. Afrouz Izadpanah is a former colleague in the Iranian Remote Sensing Center and currently residing in Montreal, Canada as a citizen.]




Sent :  Wednesday, January 10, 2007 1:44 PM

To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>



Attention: Mr. Tarikhi Parviz,

Dear Sir,

…….. First we must wish you the best of this season and pray that 2007 shall be a year of exploits and dream come true, we also cease this opportunity to congratulate you for your article which you titled Road to Prosperity, that is a wonderful one, we love men of your caliber that has something to offer to the society. We wish you all the best and urge you to keep it up.


Yours In-Service

Mr. Kingsley Theodore

Auditing/Account Manager

HSBC Bank London



            From :  Saeid Mohsen Kalantari

            Sent :  Tuesday, January 9, 2007 7:34 AM

            To :,

            Subject :  Publication of International Geoconnexion


            Dear Mr. Tarikhi

A friend of mine has recently forwarded an article about ITTO webgis under your name in Dec/Jan 2006/7 magazine. Just letting you know that I was a member of the development team of the first version of this webgis with my other colleagues Mr. Mohammadi, Mr. Chabok and Mr. Helali under supervision of Dr. Alesheikh at KNToosi university of technology.

Unfortunately not only I can not see any contribution to knowledge, any reference to our related publications or any acknowledgement but also the article has surprisingly been written in a way that any reader thinks that you are the original developer of this webGIS. Please follow these two links



as well as this reference Alesheikh, A.A, H. Helali, “Web GIS       Development Strategy”, GIM International, Netherlands, Nov. 2002, Vol. 16,  No 11, pp 12-15 for more information.

I as a member of this project would reserve our rights for the initial work and would surely acknowledge any contribution to that, but unfortunately there is nothing new in your article along with infringing the others’ right.

            I am waiting to hear you in this regard,


            Mohsen Kalantari

            [Mr. Mohsen Kalantari is a PhD Candidate, The University of Melbourne,

            Australia. He is one of the developers of the ITTO’s Web GIS software.]



            From :  mohammad taghi hosseini

            Sent :  Tuesday, January 9, 2007 4:51 AM

            To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Mr. Tarikhi

            Thank you very much for this message. I cogratulate you and wish you

            all the success.



            [Mr. Mohammad Taghi Hosseini is the Senior Expert of the Ministry of

            Foreign Affairs of Iran on technology development issues]



            Hossein Mohammadi

            Sent :  Tuesday, January 9, 2007 4:24 AM

            To :,

            Subject :  an article in GeoConnexion magazine


            Dear Mr. Tarikhi

I read an article which has been written by you on ITTO WebGIS and has been published in GeoConnexion magazine. As there was no contribution to the original work, it was quite frustrating that you have not acknowledged and referred to the initiator team and the publications. This work (ITTO WebGIS) has been conducted by a team from KNT University. the team leader was Dr Alesheikh and the team members were Mr. Hossein Helali, Mr. Mohsen Kalantari, Mr. Ahmad Chabok and myself. There are many publications in this regard which have not been mentioned and referred to in your article.

Even if the article did have a contribution and had value-added to the original work, you _as a researcher- necessarily have to refer to the original initiators. Your article did not have any value-adding and contribution to the main work and it was just a review of what has been done in this project. In research the most important part is the trusteeship which has not been regarded in this article. the following is the link to one of many publications which have been published so far on ITTO WebGIS.


Noticing the originality and intellectual property right of the publications and initiatives are expected, especially from researchers.


            Hossein Mohammadi

            PhD Candidate

            The University of Melbourne

[Mr. Hossein Mohammadi is one of the developers of the ITTO’s Web GIS software.]

Texts  of later correspondence with Mr. Hossein Mohammadi:

From :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

Sent :  Tuesday, January 9, 2007 10:22 AM

To :  h.mohammadi@…………,

CC :  sm_kalantary@…………

Subject :  RE: an article in GeoConnexion magazine


Dear Mr. Mohammadi,

Your e-mail came to me as a great surprise since as far as I remember I have not sent the copy of the article to you and I guess I have sent it to Mr. Ehsan Mohammadi who is different person as through the internet I checked his profile and compared it with yours. I am sorry that publication of this article makes you feel endangered in such the way. I really do not understand what you really mean about “value adding”, “intellectual property right” and so on relating this article. I do not deny that you as well as Dr Alesheikh and other team members Messrs Hossein Helali, Mohsen Kalantari and Ahmad Chabok are the respectful and honorable developers of ITTO Web GIS software. I believe that you disregard the objectives and aims of publishing such the article in the GEO:Connexion International Magazine; I invite you to investigate it taking a look at .

However, I have to draw your kind attention to what is announced at the beginning of the article that reads “Parviz Tarikhi RELATES how Iran is moving streets ahead with its implementation of a nation wide web GIS”. I stress on the word “relates” and hope your conceive that there is no plan for value adding to what you and your team metes have carried out. Frankly speaking, the editorial board of the magazine based on its recognition commissioned me to write such the article about such the valuable system developed by ITTO that is an indication of broad activities in Iran in developing variety of modern technologies. The aim of the magazine is to break down the unpleasant barriers and potential that is accumulated before Iran in the minds of the folks around the world involved in scientific and technical issues that Iran’s activities in the field of technology and modernism is confined to only nuk and missile programs. There are lots of examples in this regard and for your kind information in the July/August 2006 issue of the GEO:Connexion International Magazine an article by me entitled “From image to substance” about the peaceful uses of space science and technology in Iran has been published.

I have to emphasize that the article appeared in the magazine about ITTO Web GIS is not basically a RESEARCH paper and not at all interferes (CONTRIBUTES) other’s job; it is just a FEATURE article and I am confident that you fairly distinguish both of these two different things. Moreover I checked what contained in  and there is no sign or expression about the developers of the system; while it is the same in the web site of ITTO that hosts the mentioned information system. One more thing worth to mention is that in the feature articles it is not customary to give the list of references and name of the developers in such the way you expect. What is conceived through seeing and surfing the ITTO Web GIS site is that its owner is ITTO and this particular article regarding its nature and expectations tries to well describe site’s promising technical aspects and its user-friendliness advantage. I wonder when we are talking about a system or a gadget with valuable advantages or disadvantages for variety of users is it mandatory to mention the name of the developers each time. I have not been witnessing such the procedure in the feature articles.

I hope that this replies your queries.

With regards,

Parviz Tarikhi

No. 22, 14th Street, Saadat Abad

Tehran 1997994313, Iran


Mr. Saeid Mohsen Kalantari


Hopping that this also replies your queries,




From :  Hossein Mohammadi

Sent :  Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3:34 AM

To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

CC :  s.kalantarisoltanieh@………………

Subject :  RE: an article in GeoConnexion magazine


Dear Mr. Tarikhi

We received your email and got back to you so soon, not because we felt endangered, but because we’d like to draw your attention to this fact that COPYING and PASTING others’ paper under your name without even a single reference and even in a FEATURE article is not fair. Even your wording (WebGIS development phases) and figure (Web GIS development process in “ROADS TO PROSPERITY” article) are copied from this paper: .

It is true that you have not sent the articles to us, but if it is a great surprise for you to see that we have received and read the paper, how could you expect to convince international readers of the diversity of disciplines in which Iran is keeping pace with the world. We will also let the GeoConnexion editorial board know of the originality of these papers.

FRANKLY SPEAKING, as you have not accepted your mistake, we reserve our right to forward this email with your reply to the receivers of the papers to judge.


Hossein Mohammadi and Saeid Mohsen Kalantari

PhD Candidates

The University of Melbourne


From :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

Sent :  Wednesday, January 10, 2007 10:19 AM

To :  h.mohammadi@…………………….

CC :  s.kalantarisoltanieh@……………….

Subject :  RE: an article in GeoConnexion magazine


Dear Messrs Mohammadi and Kalantari,

I received your e-mail and read it carefully. I feel that this discussion is going astray since you try to induce that I have grabbed your ideas and published it under my name. I assure you that this is a misunderstanding and you act unfairly. No point or word of the article reflects that I am the developer of the software you mention. I anticipate that in my yesterday’s e-mail I clearly explained the aims of publishing the article however I regret that you disregard it and emphases on something that is beyond the scope of the article.

I have to clarify and make sure that everything is transparent at this end between me and editorial board of GEO:Connexion. Actually when the editors commissioned me for writing the article they was well aware of the work of ITTO’s Web GIS system and they themselves directed me to see as the starting point. If you refer to the above web address and investigate the Web GIS system you will see very easily the information there which you claim I have copied and pasted in the Roads to Prosperity article. Those information and material are also contained in , ,  

that you both  mentioned earlier. Please judge fairly and freely, how could the information contained in tens of pages in the site copied and pasted in a two page concise article? I confirm that it is abridged but not copied and pasted; I am going to inform the editorial board about the case. There is no indication or references in the ITTO Web GIS site about the name of the developers, or as you say the initiators, of the software. I encourage you to reflect your claims to the editorial board of the magazine and I emphasize that you ask them to see above mentioned three references. Certainly I would be also thankful if you forward the record of our correspondence, same as it stands, to the receivers of the article for clarifying their minds and judgment.


Parviz Tarikhi

No. 22, 14th Street, Saadat Abad

Tehran 1997994313, Iran



            From : Alice LEE

            Sent : Monday, January 8, 2007 9:59 AM

            To : “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

            Subject : Fw: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS

            Dear Parviz,

            I am very proud of you for a great job.

            Wish you a happy new year.


[Dr. Alice Lee is the Head of the Space Applications Program of OOSA based in Vienna, Austria]



            From :  Sergio CAMACHO

            Sent :  Monday, January 8, 2007 8:47 AM

            To:  “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

            CC :  aaabiodun@……………., aaabiodun@……………,

            alex@…………….., Alice.LEE@………………., almar@………………….,

            armandad@…………………., Armanda.Deli@………………..,

            Ayoni.Oyeneyin@……………….., begni@………….., both@…………..,

            ciroarevalo1@………………, David.Stevens@……………….,

            dennis.a.stone@…………….., doetsch@…………………, dorin52@…………………,

            dorin52@…………………., dstone@………………, echileat1@…………..,

            elhadani@……………….,  fdsantos@…………………..,

            Hans.Haubold@……………….., HodgkinsKD@…………………, 

            Imelda.Bacolod@……………….., kwankamy@…………………,

            marchisio@……………..,  Natercia.Rodrigues@…………………,

            niklas.hedman@…………………,  niklas.hedman@…………………….,

            Pierre-Henri.Pisani@…………………, ragonat@………………,

            Sharafat.Gadimova@………….., Shuhrat.Sulaymanov@……………,

            sicitur@……………….,  suleman@……………., takemi.chiku@…………..,

            “takemi.chiku” ,

            takemi_chiku@………………, Victor.Kotelnikov@………………….,


            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Parviz,

            Thank you very much for the copy of the article. I hope that 2007

            will continue to be a very successful year.

            With best regards


            [Dr. Sergio Camacho is the Director of the Office for Outer Space

Affairs (OOSA) based in Vienna, Austria that acts as the Secretariat for COPUOS]



            From :  Henrik Fyrst Kristensen

            Sent :  Monday, January 8, 2007 8:15 AM

            To :  “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

            CC :  <drjdbrown@………………..>, <Drjerrydbrown@………….>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Parviz,

            Good work, congratulations.

            I hope you and your family are all well and thriving.

            Best wishes,

            Henrik Fyrst Kristensen

[Mr. Henrik Fyrst Kristensen is the rector of Knightsbridge University  based formerly in UK and currently in Denmark]



            From :  Director General (SR)

            Sent :  Monday, January 8, 2007 6:51 AM

            To :  “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Mr Tarikhi,

            Thank you for sending me a copy of your article. Please accept my

            compliments and congratulations for having done such pioneering


            I wish you all the success in all your future endeavours.

            With best wishes,

            Yours Sincerely

            Arshad H Siraj

            Director General (SAR)



            [In addition to the position of Director General (SAR) of SUPARCO,

            Mr. Arshad H Siraj is also the Director of Inter-Islamic Network on

            Space Technology]



            From :  Dorin Prounariu

            Sent :  Sunday, January 7, 2007 10:19 AM

            To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Congratulations Parviz. Success.


            [Dr. Dorin Prounariu is a Romanian Astronaut, former Ambassador of

            Romania to Russian Federation and former Charmin of UN-COPUOS

            Scientific and Technical Subcommittee]



            From :  smaeil sadat

            Sent :  Sunday, January 7, 2007 10:01 AM

            To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Mr Parhizi

            Thanks for the forwarding of Articles . I read it and I think it

            demonstrate important dimensions of Road Safety. as you aware for

            the implementation and planning of  different aspects of Instruction

            , it quit necessary to find out a regional Mechanism for  that . Now

            Iran for the first time submit such important resolution in ESCAP

            and one and half years passed and so many study have been done ,

            still there is not respond from our side . I do hope in the meeting

            in Malaysia something happened .


            Tekyeh sadat

            [Mr. Smaeil Tekyeh Sadat is the First Consulate in the Embassy of Iran

            to Bangkok, Thailand]



            From :  Judith Bishop

            Sent :  Sunday, January 7, 2007 7:22 AM

            To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

            Subject :  Re: FW: My newly published article on ITTO W/


            Dear Parviz

            Thanks very much for sending on your articles. I shall read them. I

            wish you good fortune with your future research.

            Kind regards

            Judith Bishop


            Professor Judith Bishop FRSSAf FBCS

            Department of Computer Science

            University of Pretoria

            Pretoria 0002, South Africa




            From :  M. Mokhtari

            Sent :  Sunday, January 7, 2007 5:41 AM

            To :  “‘Parviz Tarikhi'” <>

            Subject :  RE: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Dear Mr. Tarikhi

            Thank you for mail and congratulation for your success.

            Best regards


            [Mr. M. Mokhtari is the UN affiliated International Institute of

            Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Research Deputy based in

            Tehran, Iran]



            From :  Sassan Saatchi

            Sent :  Saturday, January 6, 2007 8:04 PM

            To :  “Parviz Tarikhi” <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


            Mr. Tarikhi,

            Congratulations!  Hope all is well.


            Sassan Saatchi

            [Dr. Sassan Saatchi is a researcher and scientist in JPL, NASA, USA]



            From :  Sergio Marchisio

            Sent :  Saturday, January 6, 2007 6:58 PM

            To :  Parviz Tarikhi <>

            Subject :  Re: My newly published article on ITTO Web GIS


thank you very much and congratulations, I will read it with the utmost interest.

            Happy new year!

            Sergio Marchisio

[Professor Sergio Marchisio is a lawyer and the professor of the University of Roma, Italy. He is currently the Chairman of the UN-COPUOS Legal Subcommittee]



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