International Training Course on RADAR Remote Sensing and Image Processing




International Training Course on “RADAR Remote Sensing and Image Processing”

21–24 December 2015, Karachi, Pakistan


20151221_Parviz Tarikhi I- IST

A group photo of the organizers and participants of the course  

As a resource person I contributed to the International Training Course on “RADAR Remote Sensing (Synthetic Aperture Radar, SAR) and Image Processing” organized by the Institute of Space the (IST) in collaboration with Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) from 21st to 24th December 2015 at the National Center for Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics (NCRG) in Karachi, Pakistan.

20151222_Parviz Tarikhi IX- IST

Lecturing in the course as the resource person

I presented 8 theoretical lectures and three practical workshops for four days. A group of 35 trainees who were the experts and researchers of the relevant remote sensing and GIS authorities, organizations and academic sector holding PhD and MSc degrees in remote sensing, image processing, electronics, radar technology, computer, communications attended the course.

The course was aiming to introduce SAR techniques, the interpretation of SAR images and use of SAR data for various environmental applications. It was planned to equip the participants with the basic principles of Radar Remote Sensing (specifically Synthetic Aperture Radar-SAR) and its imaging techniques focusing on environmental assessment.

The topics performed by me is listed as below:


List of the lectures

Session’s topic Time in minutes
21 Dec 2015-1 SAR Image Acquisition and Characteristics 90
22 Dec 2015-1 SAR Data Products and its Applications 60
22 Dec 2015-2 SAR Data Pre-processing and Processing 60
22 Dec 2015-3 SAR Data Processing by software and SAR Data Products and Applications Workshop 90
23 Dec 2015-1 Statistical Feature Extraction 60
23 Dec 2015-2 Polarimetric Data Processing and Interpretation 60
23 Dec 2015-3 SAR Image Fusion with Optical Data 60
23 Dec 2015-4 Feature Extraction, Polarimetric SAR and Data Fusion Workshop 120
24 Dec 2015-1 InSAR Introduction 60
24 Dec 2015-2 Differential InSAR, PS InSAR and other InSAR Applications 60
24 Dec 2015-3 SAR Interferometry Workshop 90


The pdf files of power point presentations is accessible by clicking on each topic in the table.

20151222_Parviz Tarikhi V- IST

Lecturing in the course as the resource person 


20151224_Parviz Tarikhi III- IST

Discussing the topics during the course  


20151224_Parviz Tarikhi XI- IST

A gift to me from the IST President, Dr. Badar Ghauri; Mr. Muhammad Nasim Shah is seen in the middle.


20151224_Parviz Tarikhi VII- IST

A group photo with the course organizers and participants 


Click here for more details about my travel to Pakistan to contribute to the international course on Radar Remote Sensing and Image Processing as the resource person.


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